Hi, there.

What’s your name?  Tell me all about yourself–don’t leave anything out.

When’s the last time you did something for the first time?

I’m asking you, but a few moments ago, as I engaged in a staring contest with my then-empty blog post that was patiently waiting to be filled with interesting somethings,  I was asking myself the very same question. When was the last time that I tried something entirely new? I had to hesitate as I tried to come up with an answer, and that subtle pause was enough for me to realize that it had been too long since I had embarked on a brand new, let’s-do-this kind of journey.


So in a nutshell, this is me, trying something new. And unlike most hobbies, such as painting or playing piano, I don’t get to have a practice run, or a trial-and-error phase, if you will. I am doing this for the very first time, like a colt learning to walk on its long, shaky legs and tripping all over itself in the process…and I am doing so right before your eyes. But no pressure, right? Right. I’ll keep telling myself that.

But seriously, why does it have to be so difficult to push up your sleeves and start something new? It’s so easy to be right-smack-in-the-middle of things; to continue on with the status-quo requires minimal effort or no effort at all. I guess Newton’s law of inertia is applicable not just to objects that may or may not be in motion, but to human lives, as well. In both cases, it always seems to be harder to get the ball rolling than to keep it moving.

In terms of writing, I am always frustratingly picky when it comes to the first sentence, the first paragraph of an essay, the first entry of a brand new journal. That’s always the hardest part, no doubt about it. But as I have realized in the past with said essays and entries, there’s no way to get around that irritating initial hesitation: you just have to delve right into it. So here I am, mid-delve, taking my own advice like the adult that I claim (pretend?) to be.

Now. Let’s get further acquainted, shall we?

I’m Tessa. Pleased to meet you, by the way.

In job interviews I describe myself as “innovative,” but that’s just a classier way of saying that I tend to wing it a lot of the time.  I’m 18-going-on-19 years old and studying journalism in a charming, fairly average college town in Ohio that is surrounded by eons of cornfields and not a whole lot else. My sense of humor is bone-dry, and I pride myself on finding laughter in non-funny situations, even though it gets me into trouble sometimes.

There are plenty of isms that factor in to my life–feminism, atheism, liberalism–and yes, they help to illustrate my personal perspective of the universe but no, they don’t define me. So let’s move on.

I really like to read, and while I admittedly have a bookshelf full of the works of Stephen King in my bedroom at my parents’ house, my taste in books isn’t limited to the horror genre–if I have a novel in my hands, I’m happy, period.

What else could I tell you about myself? Hmmm, let me think.

I could give you a very limited list of the many other things I like, which would include running, obsessing over outer space and human existence, spending copious amounts of time in coffee shops, napping with my boyfriend Danny, journaling, walking through the woods, creating art, and being incredibly (obscenely?) facetious regardless of circumstance.

Oh, and constantly striving to find adventure and laughter and just a touch of whimsicality hidden in the mundane like a tiny gem glistening within the embers of a dying fire, waiting to be noticed. I guess that’s important to me, too.

So, the million dollar question: What brought me here? What was my initial inspiration for starting a blog?

Well, long story short, I realized that

a) instead of spending my days rolling my eyes at the tumultuous ignorance that has infected most forms of social media and has splattered its way into the deepest corners of the internet, I can actually counteract some of its evils and help restore balance to the digital universe by sharing some of my most thoughtful inquiries and musings via blogging. Hooray.

I ALSO realized that

b) I have successfully kept a (mostly) continuous personal journal for over a year now, so I have no reason to think that I can’t commit to a blog. I have plenty of (random, lovely, forlorn, peculiar) thoughts and a (feverish) love for writing, so why not?

If you’re still reading, thanks for struggling through my first post and debut as a blogger. Consider this my “Pilot” episode, and if you liked what you read, even just a teensy weensy bit, I hope you’ll think about coming back and reading more of what I have to say in the near future.


Stay nutty.



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